We want feedback from youth members on the ideas we have for the Tawd Vale 100 Master Plan.

The Tawd Vale 100 Master Plan is how we’ll deliver our Tawd Vale 100 Strategy as we approach 2030, Tawd Vale’s centenary year. We’ve gathered a whole range of needs and ideas from past surveys, reviews and the extensive experience of our own team, but we want to check what’s important to our youth members and see if there is anything we might have missed through the Tawd Vale 100 Youth Survey.

The survey is made up of two parts: a presentation to show youth members, and a matching survey response form to complete as you step through the presentation.

The form is for leaders, or youth members in older sections, to provide feedback on behalf of their own section(s).  The information from the survey responses will be used to help refine our plans and support our fundraising, particularly with grant makers.

Feedback can be provided either for individual sections, or combined from multiple sections of the same age range. If you want to gather feedback from more than one age range, please submit a response for each.

To complete the survey you need be able to run two things:

  1. The Tawd Vale Youth Survey presentation – which has guidance notes for leaders, and images and notes for each question
  2. The Tawd Vale Youth Survey Microsoft Form – to provide your answers

A projector or large screen is really useful for showing the presentation, whilst you’ll need an internet connection to use the Microsoft Form. Alternatively, you can print and fill out this PDF of the form and complete the Microsoft Form later.

The survey will be open until the end of Sunday 30th July.

Our thanks go to these sections for testing the survey and helping us to improve it:

  • Lydiate Explorers (LXU)
  • Sutton Scorpions ESU
  • 1st Kirkby Scout Troop and Black Cats ESU
  • 1st Whiston Cub Pack and Scout Troop

If you encounter any issues with the survey, or want to ask any questions, please get in-touch with the Chair of the Tawd Vale Steering Group, Matt Donnelly:

[email protected]