Tawd Vale 100 – we’re launching the strategy that will take us to our centenary year in 2030

Bought in 1930 from the break-up of the Lathom Park Estate, Tawd Vale Adventure Centre has been at the centre of Scouting of Liverpool and Merseyside for 93 years.  In the next 7 years we are investing our time, energy and funding to secure major upgrades to our centre to support everyday adventure.

You can read about our strategy in detail, but in-short it explains our vision, mission, values, strategic goals, and strategic objectives.  It also explains how these will be realised through delivering our strategic capabilities, requirements and master plan.  It’s a short summary of a complex and exciting challenge.

The journey has already begun to meet the challenge head-on.

During 2022, we have developed a detailed set of practical requirements for Tawd Vale: all the things we need to make the most of our amazing woodland campsite.  We’ve gathered past reports, current information and new ideas to work through hundreds of issues, both big and small. We are currently working to shape these into a Master Plan that brings all the pieces of the jigsaw together, and we have begun getting ready to make major funding applications.

Our strategy aims to make Tawd Vale the best it can be by 2030, and lay the foundations for everyday adventure for the next 100 years.

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