Tawd Vale 100

Our Strategy to 2030

Our Vision

Tawd Vale Adventure Centre will actively engage and support young people aged 4-25 years in their personal development,
empowering them to make a positive contribution to society

Our Mission

Tawd Vale will deliver transformational skills for life to young people through outdoor adventure,
by providing sufficient high-quality facilities and a suitable range of activities,
on a well-maintained woodland site,
that is sustainably managed and financially self-sufficient.

Our Values

We are guided by our values:


We act with integrity; we are honest, trustworthy and loyal


We have self-respect and respect for others


We support others and take care of the world in which we live


We explore our faiths, beliefs and attitudes


We make a positive difference; we cooperate with others and make friends

Our Strategic Goals

We have a set of strategic goals that are essential in helping our young people reach their potential:

Run: we will operate the site safely and effectively to meet the needs of our users

Maintain: we will invest in the facilities we already have, making best use of existing resources

Sustain: we will manage our team, resources and environment to ensure Tawd Vale will continue to provide adventure for young people for the next 100 years

Grow: we will secure additional resources to develop our team, the site and the user experience

Focus: we will remain focused on the things that matter to delivering our strategy

Our Strategic Objectives

We have 3 strategic development objectives:


Modernise accessibility of our Centre and our facilities to ensure as many young people as possible can benefit from outdoor adventure


Enhance residential accommodation to support all-year round use, and to broaden the age ranges and types of organisations which can benefit from outdoor adventure


Develop new activity provision, which is at the core of programme delivery to build skills for life through outdoor adventure

Our Strategic Capabilities, Requirements and Master Plan

1. Strategic Capabilities are the outline of the broad types of uses that the centre has the potential to support

2. Strategic Requirements define the types of facilities, infrastructure and services we need to cater for site users and site staff

3. Practical Requirements define in detail what we need to deliver on our strategic requirements

4. The Master Plan will define how we will implement our practical requirements – it is what the site will look like after investment

5 . Resources and Delivery – we will secure all necessary resources to deliver the investment and sustain the site

Strategic Capabilities

We aim to provide the capability to support the following types of use for all our site users:

  • Non-residential visits – for groups visiting just during the day-time or evening for non-residential events
  • Lightweight expeditions – for groups on hikes and staying overnight as a stopover
  • Camping – for groups running a static wholly outdoor accommodation they bring themselves
  • Indoor residentials – for groups using wholly indoor accommodation provided by Tawd Vale
  • Mixed camping and indoor residentials – for groups using a mix of indoor and outdoor facilities, such as indoor catering but camping in tents

We aim to provide the capability to allow user groups to undertake a range of different types of activities:

  • General activities – activities that are self-led by the user group that require no specialist instruction, such as those not requiring Scout Association Activity Permits
  • Adventurous activities – activities led by specialist instructors, either provided by the user group, Tawd Vale or by a third party, such as those requiring Scout Association Activity Permits
  • Training – indoor and outdoor training activities for adult volunteers, Young Leaders, and young people, including enabling briefings for activities
  • Meetings – indoor meetings to support Scouting, other user groups and the local community

All of the above must be underpinned by effective supporting services.