Until 1930, when the then Liverpool Boy Scouts Association bought Tawd Vale, the land was used for hunting as part of the Lathom Park Estate. The estate features on the earliest available maps of the area going back as far as 1577.

Our thanks goes to the National Library of Scotland (NLS), Vision of Britain (VOB) British Library (BL) UK Web Archive (UKWA), Universität und PH Bern (UB), Old Maps Online (OMO), and David Rumsey Map Collection (DR) for making all of the following maps freely available. Special thanks to Lancaster University (LU) for their Lancashire historic maps webpage, which lists and shows many more maps than we can here.

All years are the year of publication of the map.

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Earliest Maps

1577 map of Lancashire (LU) by Christopher Saxton (Wikipedia) is the basis for many maps that followed, and has the first depiction of the Lathom estate as well as the first mention of “taude flu”

1595 map of Lancashire (UKWA)

1598 map of Lancashire (UKWA)

1622 map of “Lancashyre” by William Hole (LU) has first mention of “Taud fl(u)” (the ‘e’ has been dropped), although it is overall far less detailed than earlier maps

1646 Lancastria palatinatvs anglis Lancaster et Lancas Shire (UB)

1659 Lancastria Palatinatus anglis Lancaster & Lancas Shire (OMO)

1664 LANCASTRIA | PALATINATVS | Anglis | LANCASTER et | Lancas shire. (OMO)

1670-1690 Lancastria palatinatvs anglis Lancaster [et] Lancas Shire (UB)

Blaeu Atlas Major 1662-5, Volume 5 (NLS)

1695 The County Palantine of Lancaster (LU) by Rob Morden (Wikipedia) has the first mention of “Taud R” (‘flu’ becomes ‘river’)

1724 The County Palantine of Lancaster (BL on Flickr)

1752 map of Lancashire (UB)

1794 Cary’s England, Wales, and Scotland: Sheets 49-50 (DR)

1781 map by Emanual Bowen (NLS)

1786 map by William Yates:

1810 The British Atlas (BL on Flickr)

1816 The County Palantine of Lancaster (BL on Flickr)

1818 map by Christopher Greenwood (NLS)

1828 map by G Hennet and J Bingley (NLS) is the first time the outline of what is now Tawd Vale is visible

Ordnance Survey (OS)

First Edition

Sheet 89 SW: 1843 (VOB) is the first map to label what is now Tawd Vale as “Delph Wood”, and first use of “River Tawd” (“Taud” becomes “Tawd”)

All of the following OS maps are made availably by the NLS.

Six-Inch, 1840s-1960s

Lancashire LXXXIV: 1848 is the first map showing reliable detail of what is now Tawd Vale, with the name now being ‘Delf Wood” (“ph” becomes “f”)

Lancashire LXXXIV.SE: 189419091929 is the map closest to when Scouts took over the site in 1930 – 1951

25 Inch, 1840s-1960s

Lancashire LXXXIV.11: 1894, 1908, 1928

Lancashire LXXXIV.15: 1893 first shows names for different parts of what is now Tawd Vale, 1908, 1928

1 Inch, 1850s-1960s

Sheet 84 – Wigan: 18961912

Sheet 35 – Liverpool & Birkenhead: 1923194019421943

Sheet 100 – Liverpool: 194719521958196119651966196919711972

1:25,000, 1920s-1970s

SD40 (34/40): 19461953

SD41 (34/41): 194619471953 1966

1:10:000, 1949-1972

SD41SE: 1955 – 1975 (still in copyright)

SD40NE: 19551972

Batholomew Mapping Half inch, 1900s to 1940s

All of the following from Batholomew Mapping are made available by the National Library of Scotland (NLS).

Sheet 8 – Liverpool & Manchester: 190419201941

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