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We're providing young people with skills for life through outdoor education and adventure and we're on a mission to increase our impact; and we could really do with your help.

Our Mission...

Deliver transformational skills for life, through outdoor adventure, to young people.

We actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

We deliver life changing adventure and skills for life to Scouts, other youth organisations, schools, Duke of Edinburgh Awards groups and National Citizen Service delivery teams from across the UK; providing young people with the best possible start in life.

We do this by providing opportunities for young people to…

  • experience outdoor activities which powerfully impact on their intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and moral development
  • experience active learning through outdoor activities; offering excitement, fun and adventure within a safe environment
  • develop and sustain effective relationships built on trust and teamwork
  • learn the importance of physical activity, within their ability, and the importance of this in life
  • develop into fully active citizens who possess the adaptability to cope with a rapidly changing world and the responsibility to be an effective member of a community
  • develop a positive attitude towards learning

Our impact transforms young people into…

  • problem solvers
  • team players
  • leaders
  • independent, active citizens
  • better communicators

They are...

  • more resilient, healthier and happier
  • more likely to try new things
  • more likely to have the courage to take risks and tackle challenging activities

But the bottom line is...

We’re transforming young people in to do-ers and a give it a go-ers. We help them to question, listen and have a wide-open mind. Our work helps young people to think on their feet, see the big picture, ignore the butterflies and go for it. We help them to jump in and succeed, get back up and try again, think about what’s next, give back and get set. 

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