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We have big plans.
Help us make them a reality with a donation.

We’re transforming young people in to do-ers and a give it a go-ers, through outdoor education and adventure.

We help them to question, listen and have a wide-open mind.  Our work helps young people to think on their feet, see the big picture, ignore the butterflies and go for it.  We help them to jump in and succeed, get back up and try again, think about what’s next, give back and get set.

We have an incredible asset, that's already used by thousands of young people every year - and we know we could achieve so much more.

We're seeking donors, partners and supporters to help us in our mission to deliver transformational skills for life, through outdoor adventure, to young people.

If you are interested and would like to arrange to meet to discuss any potential support, please contact us using the form below:

> Next: Find out about our life changing work