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Following a recent review of the pitches, we have reorganised and re-drawn the centre map.

Campsites are now organised into areas as follows (many will be recognisable):

  • Cub Field - Five sites on and immediately around Cub Field
  • Daffodil Field - Nine sites on and immediately around Daffodil Field
  • Ladies Field
  • Ten Acre Wood - Four sites, accessible by 4x4 vehicles only. Site T1 can only be accessed on foot.
  • Training Field
  • Backwoods - Three sites, ideal for hammock camps. Two of these pitches have ground fire bases.
  • West River - Five pitches towards the back of the site and close to Slate Brook. These sites are only accessible by 4x4 vehicles. Site W5 is currently under development.
  • East River - Seven sites to the East of the River Tawd. Sites E4 and E5 only accessible by 4x4 vehicles.
  • Delph - Three sites close to the Delph including the pitch by the Delph Bothy.
  • Bricklayers - Recently known as Motorway this includes five sites.
  • Rigmaiden - Four sites at the top of the former Motorway pitches.

Welcome to our new look map (just click on the map to download a larger version):

Centre Map