Volunteer's Week - Tawd Vale Steering Group

Volunteer's Week - Tawd Vale Steering Group

As part of Volunteer's Week 2020 we are looking at how our volunteers support Tawd Vale Adventure Centre.

Today, it's the turn of the Tawd Vale Steering Group and the chair of the group, writes:

Tawd Vale Steering Group (TVSG)

Since taking on the role as Chair of TVSG in February 2018, I’ve continued to be pleasantly surprised by the growing numbers of people who continuously demonstrate their heartfelt dedication and commitment to ensuring our County’s amazing 85 acres of woodland is the go to destination for adventure.  This is clearly demonstrated by there being more than one hundred volunteers currently active and engaged in supporting the Centre’s weekly operations; its estates management; the activities and events that take place; as well as all of the support that goes on in the background; and all done week in, week out.

TVSG fits into all of this in a number of ways, but principally as a committee we are responsible for the overall Governance of the Centre on behalf of the County Executive Committee; and, for providing support to the Centre Manager and their volunteer team.  We’re a small committee, currently made up of four appointed members, and four ex-officio members, who formally meet four times a year, but work throughout the year, between meetings, on any number of things to support the Centre.  Our work is varied, and includes things like: operational finances and budgets; health & safety; overseeing guidance and procedures; commercial oversight; strategic planning and investment… any number of things really; but very much supporting the Centre Manager, and their volunteer team, with the day to day operations of the Centre.

It’s been a busy couple of years too, with the pace very much picking up this past twelve months, as we have worked with the County Executive Committee and the Strategic Funding Working Group sub-committee, to deliver on the feedback we received from members’ responses to our questionnaire; as well as through our ongoing assessment of the current and future needs of the Centre.

Now in its 90th year, Tawd Vale Adventure Centre is where many thousands of young people throughout the years have gained invaluable Skills for Life, all supported by thousands of volunteers.  The members of TVSG, and the County Executive Committee, will continue to work diligently to ensure Tawd Vale Adventure Centre is ready to deliver transformational Skills for Life to young people for the next 90 years, and beyond.

Tawd Vale really is an amazing place, and full of natural treasures as you will see in the accompanying images; and on that note, it must be said that Tawd Vale Adventure Centre really could not operate, at all, were it not for the dedication and commitment of each and every person who volunteers their time to support the Centre, in the many number of ways you’ll have read about this week.  On behalf of the County Executive Committee, through TVSG, we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everybody for their past and present support, and going forwards – you all add to the treasure that is, Tawd Vale Adventure Centre.  


If you'd like to know more about volunteering at Tawd Vale, feel free to contact us on info@tawdvale.org.uk or look at our Get Involved pages.