Volunteer's Week - Shop and Thanks

Volunteer's Week - Shop and Thanks

On this, the last day of Volunteer's Week 2020, we are continuing to look at how our volunteers support Tawd Vale Adventure Centre.

Today, it's the turn of the Shop and the Shop Lead, writes:


Here at Tawd Vale we have a dedicated team that assist the centre on a weekly basis with the running of our shop. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and have many years experience in Scouting and the running of our shop. Some of the duties include attending wholesalers and speaking with suppliers, restocking of products and serving our campers and visitors. 

Our shop team are pinnacle in the running of the shop as this provides vital income for the centre. They act with professionalism and dedication on a weekly basis which contributes to making the centre a great experience for all young people and adults. 



This week has been a fantastic opportunity to thank our volunteer team across all aspects of the operational delivery and governance of the centre. I'd like to finish the week by talking about the one team that has been mentioned all week but has not yet been thanked:

Tawd Vale Operational Leadership Team (TVOLT)

The Tawd Vale Operational Leadership Team includes all of the leads of the areas that we have covered this week (apart from TVSG). The team has been together for less than a year with one of the Leads joining us more recently, but already they have achieved so much.

The Leads work independently and with their own teams to deliver their area and we have seen immense change including new successful events, an improved focus on estates, an ever growing team of activity instructors and increased revenue in the shop.

They also come together every few months to share their successes and issues and to pool their resources and needs in order to deliver a better Adventure Centre for our visitors.

Thank you team. I couldn't do my job without you.

There are a number of vacancies in the Operational Leadership Team in areas which include Activities, Duty Wardens, Facilities and Media. If you would like to join this team and help to deliver one of these areas, further details are available here.

I'd also like to say a huge thank you for the chair of TVSG and the Merseyside county commissioner for their ongoing support and to all that visit the centre, many of whom are also volunteers giving up their free time to deliver fantastic adventure to young and old.


If you'd like to know more about volunteering at Tawd Vale, feel free to contact us on info@tawdvale.org.uk or look at our Get Involved pages.