We help you to prepare young people with Skills for Life.

We help you to prepare young people with Skills for Life.

Welcome to the first blog post on our new Tawd Vale Adventure Centre website.

We hope that you like our new look, and that you find it easy to navigate and find the information that you need. If you have any suggestions for things that we have missed or anything that we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The new website address is www.tawdvale.org.uk

It's now nearly eight busy weeks since I started work at Tawd Vale and I'd like to start by saying a huge thank you for making me feel so welcome.

Those first eight weeks have given me the opportunity to talk to and listen to you, and those conversations have heavily influenced what I have proposed to the Tawd Vale Steering Group, and what they have approved.

I have broken the plans into smaller chunks because this makes better sense and have tried where possible to include my rationale for the plans:

Bowring Hut

In its current use as Reception, the Bowring Hut is one of the oldest buildings on site and is beginning to look quite tired and is in need of repair.

The hut will be removed and a new one put in its place. The new hut will be larger and will include reception, the shop, event reception and a meeting room.

For me, the first building that you see and the one that you want everyone to go to should be quite visually attractive and welcoming, so it will be timber clad and well landscaped with a new pathway keeping pedestrians off the roadway. To tidy up the whole area, the assortment of cabins will be removed to the dockyard, leaving just the tractor shed and MET cabin.

Crew Accommodation

I believe that in as far as is reasonably possible, the crew accommodation should be solely for the purpose of the volunteers that use the centre, and moving the shop and meeting room to Reception, will help to achieve this.

The current shop area will be overhauled into two additional shower rooms and the communal room will be just for volunteers. The whole building will provide a secure area where volunteers can escape from the bustle of adventure centre life and relax.


I am sure that you will agree that one of the main things that people moan about is Noble Way. Unfortunately, a permanent solution will cost hundreds of thousands. So, we will patch with crush-and-run this year. Adding kerb stones to the worst areas will help to keep the stone in those areas, extending the longevity of the track.


I know that the amount that the climbing tower is used is low and that it is a lot of hassle to use so you will notice that this has been removed. Over the coming year we will smarten up the low and high ropes courses and show them off a bit better. I am also keen to invest in some high ropes training.

New activities will focus on self-led ones that leaders can run following a short briefing such as mini crossbows, a host of 'Activities in a box', and the bouldering wall will be moved to the area where the altar fires are currently located. This will mean that we can start to build our volunteer base of instructors without having to find additional ones for new activities.


One easy fix, which will have a really positive impact on our customers will be to add hot water to Cub Field toilets. In order to achieve this we will add a bulk gas tank close to the block which will also provide gas for hot water and cooking to the Activity Barn.

Following on from this beyond 2020, we will be able to add an additional shower block adjacent to the toilet block which will improve the facilities in an area that is frequently camped and used by large events.

Bins and altar fires will be moved to each toilet block making it easier for groups to dispose of their rubbish and pick up (and return!) altar fires for their stay.


While the plans themselves are set in stone, how we achieve them and the finer points of how they look at the end are still being considered.

I welcome your thoughts. If you have any questions, thoughts or comments I ask that you direct them to me by email (pete.richardson@tawdvale.co.uk), phone or in person.

I look forward to seeing you soon and to working with you to develop Tawd Vale as a Centre of Adventure.